Why ‘privilege’ and not ‘priviledge’?

Does any of you have a word that you constantly misspell no matter how many times you look up the correct spelling? I have had a few of such words and one of the most memorable for me is the word ‘privilege’. The first time I became aware of my problem with that word I... Continue Reading →


Word sum: Inter + est --> interest (The prefix + base gives us the stem <interest> ) <Interest> is a Latin word which was borrowed into English from French.  It literally meant “that which is between” – inter “between” +  est “to be”. It meant ‘to concern, or be of importance’. Word sums: Inter +... Continue Reading →

Making Sense of ‘t’ in English

English spelling and reading can sometimes present challenges due to some of the complexities of the grapheme-phoneme correspondences.  Several graphemes (spelling units) represent more than one pronunciation and a single pronunciation can be written using different graphemes.  However, the complexities of the grapheme-phoneme correspondences provide us with valuable information about words. How a word is... Continue Reading →

What is spelling?

What is spelling? Does this seem like a strange question to ask? Maybe "Yes", or maybe "Not".  According to a prominent researcher, "Spelling is a linguistic task that requires knowledge of sounds and letter patterns".  Before I comment on the above quotation, I want to quote another expert's definition of reading. "Reading is a process of... Continue Reading →

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