Writing the ‘sound’ /k/ in English

Before I begin, I would like to explain certain concepts to make it easier to read the post. I use the forward slashes // to enclose pronunciation, while the angle brackets <> enclose spelling. The term 'graphemes' means a spelling units. Graphemes represent distinct pronunciations. I enclose graphemes in angle brackets: <ck>, <c>, <k>, <qu>.... Continue Reading →

English Orthography Favors the Eyes!

"The English spelling system is highly ordered, elegantly consistent, and coherently predictable." Real Spelling "The English writing system has a great deal to recommend it." Carol Chomski, 1970 If you are like most people, you are probably shaking your head in protest to the above statements. You probably believe that the opposite is true; especially... Continue Reading →

What is orthography?

Many research studies on literacy indicate that students who achieve high standards on text comprehension tasks also achieve high scores on vocabulary, morphology (units of meaning), phonology (pronunciation), syntax (grammar), and orthography.  In short, good readers (those who consistently understand what they read) have a good grasp on different aspects of language.  Many people know... Continue Reading →

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