From Order to Ordinary

The three matrices present similar information but from different levels of semantic difficulties. You can use any (or all) of them based on level of whom you are working with.

You can construct word sums and see how many words you end up with.

You may try different word games: for example, try switching affixes (prefixes and suffixes) and see how the meanings change. How do the parts of speech change when you switch suffixes, for example?

Can you have a game of competition with someone (or a class) to see who can construct more words? You could write the elements on index cards – base (you could have more base cards) on one card and the various affixes on others and play a card games of forming words. You put a base card in the center and take turns adding affixes to it to form different words. If you form a word that is a *non word, you forfeit your card. You could modify the rules as you go along. The idea is to have fun playing with words as you develop your store of vocabulary.

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